RSB Poultry Services

RSB Poultry Services are specialists in everything poultry, with over
60 years’ experience in the egg industry.

About RSB Poultry

RSB Poultry have an international reputation in providing bespoke solutions from aviary systems, robotic automation, printing, packing machines and can even help with the health of your flocks through the food your animals consume.

Our main focus is to support our clients in enhancing bird productivity and health whilst bringing supply costs down, in which we have vast experience and reliability.

Our Services

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Tecno Aviary Systems

Our Poultry Equipment offers state-of-the-art solutions for rearing and layers facilities, from the first day of life and throughout the production cycle, with automated and computerised watering, feeding, egg collection, air conditioning and cleaning systems.

Cobot Robotic Automation

We specialise in the area of automation for egg handling solutions.

The Cobot M’eggbot is specially developed for egg producers who require a compact and fully automatic palletiser at an affordable price.

HEDI Pack Egg Printers

RSB Poultry Services deliver coding solutions for almost every Egg Packer.

Ovotherm R-PET Egg Packaging

We support egg packers, retailers and egg marketers with clear, 100% recycled packs which offer savings in transport, storage and supply chain costs, as well as reduced CO2 emissions. 

Anpario Feed Additives

We are a distributor of high performance natural feed additives for animal health, hygiene and nutrition. Our focus is on intestinal health and nutrition and utilising this understanding to improve animal performance and producer profitability.

MOBA Farm Packers

We supply machinery that performs a single task and egg packing equipment that achieves a series of tasks to facilitate the egg packing process from A to Z.

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