HEDI Pack Egg Printers

RSB Poultry Services deliver coding solutions for every on farm packer as well as manual systems from 1 to 30 egg.

Egg Flex Stampers uses flexible rubber heads to gently stamp the code onto the eggs. This proven technique ensures constant high quality, offering an effective method for coding individual eggs at minimal cost.

Printing Machines

These stamping systems are based on a high resolution stamp technology. These machines can be used to stamp a logo, name and / or code on the eggs. This technology stamps the print on the egg with a precision of 600 DPI (dots per inch). We supply manual stamping systems as well as automatic systems on conveyor belt and (high capacity) egg-sorting & packaging machines.

Egg coding EggFlex HeDiPack handsystem for Jamesway 84 and 30-er trays

Egg Flex handsystem from HeDiPack for coding hatching eggs on Jamesway 84 en 30er trays. The easiest way to code eggs with a very good quality print.

Egg coding EggFlex HeDiPack on Prinzen PSP farmpacker Bennekom

Egg Flex system from HeDiPack on Prinzen PSP packer for coding eggs. The easiest way to code eggs with a very good quality print.


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